Erfahrungsbericht Ananda und Cheiron


Since 6 weeks I am the grateful owner of two beautiful healthy mustang foals. Most people around me find it quite unbelievable that these two beauties come all the way from Oregon.

Last december 2017 was my first contact with Silke. I called her to inform about the possibilities to adopt a mustang and there it all started. Silke guided me from the very beginning, finding the perfect match and informing me about all the things i needed to know and do.

Often i still cannot believe that only 7 months later I had my mustangs here in Europe. Silke has been an amazing help and support during this proces. Really I had no idea and she helped me through all the paperworks and import up till advise after arrival.

Silke is the most hearted and involved person you could wish for on your way finding your own horse companion- american mustang! To me American Mustang Germany deserves all the respect and praise in this wonderful project giving the mustangs a beautiful live here in Europe. Many Thanks Silke!


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